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Our Digital Trade Dashboard offers comprehensive digital trade indicators, rankings in global digital indexes, trade trends for ICT goods and services, and information on ICT-related laws.

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Get an overview of business environments, compare jurisdictions, and identify patterns and investment opportunities for over 200 countries.

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Explore our trade insights for different sectors and countries worldwide before upgrading your supply chain or targeting new markets.

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Our unique and incredibly extensive country dashboard and report, which is based on thorough research and analysis, provides relevant information on macroeconomic indicators, trade agreements, and digital readiness. It is also possible to analyse in depth the performance of close to 200 economies in terms of trade in products and trade in services.

The country profile report draws its data from more than 50 million reliable data points. It can help readers understand a country’s history, demography, and financial status, as well as its strengths and limitations in trade.

Our publications will be of tremendous use to policymakers, traders, market specialists, researchers, journalists, and students who wish to have a complete understanding of a certain country.  Users can acquire a copy of the report by clicking a button.

Our Investment Performance dashboards provide an overview of country business environments with reliable data and advanced modelling techniques. We provide access to data from more than 200 countries, enabling the users to compare jurisdictions, and discover patterns and investment opportunities.

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The Investment Performance dashboards assist users in their decision-making process by showcasing selected business indicators, coupled with development and country performance data.

Get access to trade data for more than 200 countries, upgrade your supply chain, discover patterns and trading opportunities through our Trade Performance dashboards. Our dashboards allow users to explore the evolution of more than 50 different sectors worldwide.

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The Trade Performance dashboards allow users to explore country-specific trade data, enabling them to analyse trade performance, logistics, as well as bilateral imports and exports, providing the users with a deeper understanding of their key markets.

Digital trade is crucial for trade and competitiveness. The expansion of export markets and products as well as the reduction of trade costs, are two significant economic benefits associated with engaging in digital trade. Additionally, it has been shown that digital trade is a powerful instrument for inclusion. Recognizing the significance of digital trade, International Economics has developed a comprehensive tool called the Digital Trade Dashboard.

This interactive dashboard covers an extensive range of digital trade indicators for over 150 countries, providing users with an understanding of a country’s digital adoption through rankings in various global digital indexes.

Furthermore, the dashboard showcases trade trends for both ICT goods and services. It also provides insights on the overall restrictiveness to the digital services trade. Finally, the dashboard presents information on ICT-related laws within each country, providing a comprehensive overview of the legal framework supporting digital trade, restrictions in digital services trade.

Discover a world of insights with our all-encompassing Risk Dashboard. Featuring more than 180 countries and over 30 indicators spanning Trade, Monetary, Political/Governance, Climate, Economy, Energy, Fiscal, and Judiciary sections. This interactive tool empowers you to swiftly grasp a nation’s status across these crucial domains before diving deeper into individual sections for a more thorough examination.

From the performance of customs and logistics to the stability of political governance, from environmental resilience to current fiscal policies, our Risk Dashboard presents a wealth of up-to-date information in a readily digestible format.

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