Improving Mauritania’s Global Competitiveness and Trade Information Systems

We are proud to announce that we, International Economics, have been awarded our fourth TradeCom II Programme-funded project and our first in the North-West African country of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

During the months ahead, our team will work closely with the Government of Mauritania to strengthen the country’s trade information systems and improve its global competitiveness. This will be done through the creation of a National Trade Information portal and database, and by promoting the adoption of International Quality Standards.

Veepin Bhowon, an International Trade Expert with strong ties to International Economics, is the Team Leader, and is working closely with the Directorate of Trade Promotion. Bruno Doko is in charge of Quality Infrastructure and Capacity Building, and is working closely with the Directorate of Standards and Quality Promotion. One of the project’s aims is to strengthen the capacity of the national laboratories to undertake international accreditation, something we have done previously for both the Zambian and Botswana Bureau of Standards.

As in the past, we will work collaboratively with the beneficiaries, partners, the private sector, including SMEs, as well as the TradeCom II PMU and wider ACP-EU partners to ensure effective awareness raising and sensitisation of both the national public and private sector stakeholders.

For more information on our previous TradeCom II projects, please see:

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