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Mauritius is a major economic, trade and investment hub in Africa, having positioned itself as a key player in the Continent. Mauritius offers a diverse range of investment opportunities, spanning multiple sectors including financial services, ICT, and manufacturing. With an open and export-oriented market, as well as a favourable regulatory environment, Mauritius has been the perfect gateway for establishing the company’s headquarters to trade across the African continent, but also to several markets in the Asia-Pacific.

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International Economics Consulting Ltd. is a global group that delivers strategic trade and economic development growth for clients across the corporate and public sectors. Our team understands the intricacies of the international business, investment, and legal environments and we assist our clients in their operations and interests in Mauritius and the African continent.

Our areas of particular expertise cover international trade and investment strategy, e-commerce and digital trade, policy and negotiations, and risk management. We complement these with a specialist understanding in the areas of economic integration and global value chain analysis that benefits both local and international businesses seeking advice on a great spectrum of international trade and investment issues.

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Making a difference

IEC has delivered a range of programmes for clients including African, EU and UK investors and traders wishing to engage in the African and Asian markets. We assist our clients with a wide range of issues shaping their visions and direction of operations. Some examples of our work in Africa include:

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