International Business Strategy

As businesses seek to expand operations into new markets, the need to explore global supply chains and understand the international regulatory framework becomes crucial to competitively expand into new product/service lines and markets, reduce costs, increase revenue and reduce portfolio risks.

At International Economics Consulting, we build tailor-made strategies for both import and export-oriented business solutions. We carry out sensitivity analysis and prepare detailed resource scheduling and standard performance dashboards to track the implementation process and financial ratio performance of your products and services. We also work on corporate leadership and change management strategy, where necessary. Finally, we develop the analytics and risk matrices and use our cognitive computing insights to update these in real-time.

How do we help our clients in International Business Strategy?

With the rapid proliferation of trade agreements worldwide, there are new market and investment opportunities for countries to explore. At International Economics Consulting, based on our extensive experience in international trade, we assist our clients by:

Identifying investment opportunities

Identifying investment opportunities

We help investors assess the opportunities in different markets, determine the feasibility and viability of projects, and benchmark the wider eco-system to support business growth. We assess regulatory and policy barriers and inventives and connect with local businesses and policy makers.

Optimising supply chain management

Optimising supply chain management

We analyse existing supply chains and carry out trade-off analyses by identifying and structuring our client's global production networks and envisioning creative, manageable alternative sourcing capabilities, within a complex multi-country, multi-sector resource, costs, and provisioning structure. We model uncertainties that may arise throughout the production life cycle and employ systems dynamic thinking, combined with trade-off analysis to optimise supply chains and ensure efficiency throughout.

Mapping sourcing opportunities

Mapping sourcing opportunities

We provide our clients with a detailed analysis of the key impacts of new trade agreements on their operations and competitiveness through an assessment of tariff, and non-tariff tariff barriers, provisions on rules of origin, customs efficiency, effectiveness of transport networks, among others.

Building resilience and growth

Building resilience and growth

To build preparedness for any potential risks, we help our clients by introducing real-time and historical event data on disruptions to supply chains. This data includes a range of information such as weather , political events, policy uncertainty and associated risks, among many more.

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