Trade and Investment Opportunities in Infrastructure and Utilities in the CARIFORUM Region

In 2008, the European Union (EU) and 14 Caribbean countries signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) geared towards strengthening trade and investment relations and promoting regional integration between the Parties and CARIFORUM countries. The EU has commissioned a series of sectoral reports to raise awareness of the economic opportunities related to the CARIFORUM-EU EPA to enable the EU private sector to foster valuable business partnerships in the region.

The Report on Infrastructure and Utilities in CARIFORUM is the fourth of the series. The CARIFORUM is a strategic region with diverse economies that present significant investment opportunities in the infrastructure and utilities sector. Key subsectors comprise road infrastructure, water and sanitation, and energy. These subsectors, which are fundamental for propelling economic growth and enhancing the region’s competitiveness, are characterised by varying degrees of development and are often marred by constraints such as high costs, lack of technical capacity, and underinvestment. Against this background, European companies can offer solutions for infrastructure improvement and management, leveraging innovative technologies, materials, and practices.

International Economics, in consortium with GOPA Worldwide Consultants and Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) hosted a webinar on October 19 with industry experts, to validate and discuss the findings of the report, whilst informing stakeholders of the critical next steps for effectively tapping into the benefits of the CARIFORUM-EU EPA.

The webinar recording, presentations and brochure can be accessed on the links below:

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