Risk Management

The world economy is continuously impacted by new risks and challenges, causing significant disruptions to international trade. At International Economics Consulting, we provide strategic insights to assist organisations, businesses, and governments in anticipating risks, building resilience, mitigating impacts, and supporting our clients on their recovery against such shocks.

We support decision-makers with informed and evidence-based analyses and policy options. We map out key government measures and responses to the risks and challenges to formulate strategies for our clients to respond and adapt to the new social, political, and economic landscapes.

How do we help our clients in Risk Management?

Recently, the world economy has been beset by multiple issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and inflationary pressures, resulting insignificant disruptions and uncertainty that call for a coordinated and comprehensive response. At International Economics Consulting, we can assist both the public and private sectors in:

Monitoring and Anticipating Risks

Monitoring and Anticipating Risks

Through our innovative and up-to-date insights and dashboards, we facilitate monitoring emerging risks and challenges in global trade, promoting evidence-based and structured decision-making processes.

Mitigating the disruptions to international trade

Mitigating the disruptions to international trade

We provide strategic insights and formulate evidence-informed recommendations to assist organisations, businesses, and governments in mitigating the negative impacts of different risks on their operations and assist them in adapting to changing circumstances

Building resilience across value chains

Building resilience across value chains

Building on our expertise in global value chains, we estimate the risks and impacts arising from supply chain disruptions and changes in global demand to provide critical insights and analysis to help our clients identify and address gaps and weaknesses within key value chains to improve their resilience against current and future shocks.

Examples of our work

Tanzania and Zanzibar Value Chain Analysis

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Support to the Familiarization and Orientation Visit

Promoting GVCs Development in Vietnam

Risk Assessment of Ghana-EU iEPA Implementation

Training in GVCs Analysis

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