Tanzania and Zanzibar Value Chain Analysis

The Project at A Glance

The government of Tanzania (GOT) has committed to facilitating private sector growth to catalyze economic growth and address challenges in employment, poverty reduction, productivity, and climate change.

International Economics (IEC) is supporting the GoT in carrying out an assessment and evaluation of key selected Value Chains for growth and development potential and prioritization to fill-in the knowledge gap required to adequately inform the preparation of the new World Bank “FAST Growth” project.

What We Found

The Government of Tanzania has requested the World Bank to provide support and finance the FAST Growth project which will focus on MSME competitiveness and will explore the feasibility of interventions such as access to affordable finance, support to regulatory, policy and institutional reforms, etc.

The project will also focus on a few selected value chains (VCs) and provide comprehensive support to those sectors to create a demonstration effect and a basis for replication of successful interventions in other value chains and sectors through subsequent projects.

In this view, our CEO is carrying out an initial assessment of potential VCs for growth and development impact and prioritization to fill-in the knowledge gap required to adequately inform the preparation of the new “FAST Growth” project.

Our Strategy and Impact

The selection of the value chains for support will be based on a set of criteria in order to adopt an objective assessment of those sectors with the greatest potential for transformational change, though World Bank support. The priority value chains on which our Team will be focusing are edible oils for mainland and, for Zanzibar – value chains along the tourism industry, including spices, cosmetics, honey, and food processing (such as jams, preserves) to supply the hospitality and accommodation sub-sector that currently imports around 80 percent of required inputs from the mainland and other countries.

Our Core Solutions

The world economy is continuously impacted by new risks and challenges, causing significant disruptions to international trade. At International Economics Consulting, we provide strategic insights to assist organisations, businesses, and governments in anticipating risks, building resilience, mitigating impacts, and supporting our clients on their recovery against such shocks.

We support decision-makers with informed and evidence-based analyses and policy options. We map out key government measures and responses to the risks and challenges to formulate strategies for our clients to respond and adapt to the new social, political, and economic landscapes.

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