The world economy is continuously impacted by new risks and challenges, causing significant disruptions to international trade. At International Economics Consulting, we provide strategic insights to assist organisations, businesses, and governments in anticipating risks, building resilience, mitigating impacts, and supporting our clients in their recovery against such shocks. Our expertise includes monitoring and anticipating risks, assisting in mitigating disruptions to international trade, and building resilience across value chains.

Project Areas


Tanzania and Zanzibar Value Chain Analysis

Application of Legal Entity Identifiers by SMEs

Support to the Familiarization and Orientation Visit

Promoting GVCs Development in Vietnam

Risk Assessment of Ghana-EU iEPA Implementation

Training in GVCs Analysis

Cyber Security Handbook – Southeast Asia

Assessment of the informal sector in Mauritius

Trade policy and trade facilitation in Cambodia

Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses in Uzbekistan

Online-dispute Resolution Pilot for E-commerce in Vietnam

Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on Global Value Chains relevant to ...

LDC Graduation and the WTO: Assisting LDCs to address the trade-rel...

Research Platform on Impacts of COVID-19 on Small Island States

Regional solutions for COVID-19 Recovery in the Indian Ocean

Policy Advice to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development i...

Impact of Brexit on EU-ESA trade and investment relations

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We are an independent consultancy firm specialised in providing strategic advisory in the areas of international trade and investment, data analytics, public policy, market intelligence and global value chains. Our creativity and expertise support governments and private companies worldwide in formulating and implementing the necessary policies and strategies with respect to international trade, investment, and sustainable economic growth.

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