Cyber Security Handbook – Southeast Asia

The Project at A Glance

Cyber security is the fastest growing sub-sector of digital and information technology, but that also brings concerns about trust and security, which pose significant barriers to adopting digital technologies.
International Economics Consulting Ltd. supported the FCDO to produce a Cyber Security Handbook on Southeast Asia which examines the cybersecurity landscape in Southeast Asia.

What We Found

Cyber security threats are a challenge to future Southeast Asian economic growth, and regional groupings have already started to address these threats. In the private sector targets include finance, telecom, energy, and technology firms. UK’s cyber security industry has a significant role to play in supporting domestic and international business and national governments to ensure that the broader economy is protected from cyber-attacks. Our Team conducted a deep research in order to identify and promote commercial opportunities for UK cyber security solution providers seeking to expand their operations to Southeast Asia, particularly SMEs.
Consultations within the targeted countries, this is Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and multi-criteria analysis were crucial in order to carry out a comprehensive assessment of cybersecurity within South East Asia, and the challenges blocking the development of the full potential of digital trade being realised. As a result,
A Cyber Security Handbook for SEA which examines the cybersecurity landscape has been launched at ‘APAC – The Next Tech Growth Frontier’ event, which included a specific cyber security panel discussion.

Our Strategy and Impact

HMG has prioritised cyber security as a key strategic area, both in terms of trade for the excellent UK cyber offerings that are available now, but also as part of the UK’s international obligations. Reliable, consistent cyber defence typically requires advanced skills and investment, which the UK has done particularly well in recent years. However, UK companies face significant challenges to be able to access the Southeast Asian market.
Our team undertook consultations with various stakeholders from both ASEAN-based and UK-based organisations to gather baseline information on cybersecurity, as well as views on how much a barrier this is to enhancing digital trade. All this contributed to the publication of the Cyber Security Handbook for SEA, which serves three major purposes:

  1. A practical ‘go to market’ guide for UK based cyber security solution providers, in particular SME’s, on the opportunities within and how to engage in South-East Asia;
  2. A guide for policy makers and private companies within South-East Asia on where to obtain expertise to address the cybersecurity issues they are facing, including potential partnerships or representations in country from the UK; and
  3. Serve as an outreach instrument for the Posts/tech sector leads ASEAN-UK Digital Innovation Partnership.

A copy of the Handbook can be find here.

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