Neetish Hurry

Neetish leads the Analytics and Cognitive team in the company, designing and implementing data analytics solutions for IEC’s clients worlwide.

Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Big Data

About Neetish
Neetish is a director at International Economics Consulting Ltd, since 2019, and leads the development of analytical and statistical tools. He undertakes data analysis, research, and consultancy services in the area of big data analytics in relation to trade and economics for clients across the world.

Neetish is involved in consulting work related to Trade, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Data modelling for monitoring and evaluation purposes of private sector/Government long term strategies, impact assessment of programs, value for money evaluations, and assessing/modelling of the social-economic impact of initiatives and policies. He is engaged in the firm’s development of analytical tools under the Microsoft Partnerships and has founded an association of professionals working on the adoption of Emerging Technologies in Africa.

Some of Neetish’s most recent work for clients include:

  • Designing models and analytical tools for Governments to deepen trade impact analysis and track strategic goals for sustainable development and growth.
  • Conducting several pan-African and global surveys on Covid-19 business impacts, and built dashboards to monitor evolution and business exposures, and built a B2B platform for PPE in South-Eastern Africa.
  • Designing and publishing dashboards for the identification of top value chains, sector independencies, and participation in global value chains, trade and investment performance, as well as trade market conditions after Brexit.
  • Accompanying 3D printer manufacturer in exploring the possibility of recycling plastic wastes into 3D Printing filaments and exploring its potential on the African Market.
  • In partnership with Microsoft, driving the development of new analytical tools, available on Microsoft Appsource.

The Analytics and Cognitive team, led by Neetish and working with the Consulting team, led by our CEO, Paul Baker, are also responsible for creating the following data analytics solutions, all available in our website:

  • COVID 19 Platform, an interactive and dedicated platform sharing knowledge on the economic impact of the coronavirus on international trade.
  • UK Trade Agreements After Brexit dashboards offering interactive summary analytics on the trade captured by trade agreements, signed by the UK government with other countries, with a deep-dive analysis on sector and product-level market access.
  • Trade Insights Dashboards, which aim to share and distribute some of the company’s analytical work on trade and investment with the general public.

Before joining International Economics, Neetish worked in the ICT industry for 18 years. He acquired a wide experience in various industries from working for large consultancies, such as Birger Ltd, Accenture, and IBM, developing data systems and models, statistical models, analytics, and cognitive platforms for clients around the world. In addition to having very strong modelling, analytical, programming skills and experience in data science, Neetish also has expertise in project planning, management, and implementation.

Neetish holds an MSc in Information and Communication Technologies, a B. Eng in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mauritius, and a certificate in data science from Harvard University. Neetish is also a member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors, member of Business Mauritius AI/Fintech working group and is a founding member of the Association of Emerging Technologies Hub.


  • Native in English and French.