Neetish Hurry

Neetish leads the Analytics and Cognitive team in the company, designing and implementing data analytics solutions for IEC’s clients worlwide.


Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Big Data

About Neetish

Since 2019, Neetish has held the position of Director of Analytics and Cognitive Computing at International Economics Consulting Ltd. He oversees a group of data scientists who create statistical and analytical tools, conduct data analysis, and provide research and consulting services on data analytics related to clients worldwide.

Neetish provides consultancy services pertaining to International Trade using his expertise in data analytics, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. His skills have been used in the data analysis and development of data tools for monitoring and evaluation of long-term government and private programmes, modelling of impact assessments, export potential analysis, Value for Money and Global Value Chain analysis.

Some of the recent projects Neetish has been involved in are :

    • Analysis of the CBAM exposure of countries and firms, involved in the production of Iron and Steel, Aluminium, Cement and Fertilisers, using trade flow data and Scope 1 and Scope 2 intensity of emissions.
    • The use of product proximity, degree of sophistication, and product diversification techniques to identify key products with substantial export potential in Africa and South East Asia.
    • Conducting an Industry 4.0 study to assess the level of digitalisation and existing IT infrastructure of manufacturing enterprises in Mauritius, as well as their propensity towards technology adoption in selected sectors.
    • Investigating the potential of developing the 3D filament printing industry in Mauritius using plastic waste that can be recycled. Evaluated the potential of the 3D printing industry in the African region through market study, export potential analysis, policies, and regulations review, and cost-benefit analysis.
    • Building input-output models to identify value chain opportunities through trade agreements.
    • Development of investment mapping reports for EU countries across the world.

The Analytics and Cognitive team, led by Neetish and working with the Consulting team, led by Paul Baker, are also responsible for creating the following data analytics solutions, all available on our website:

  • Trade Insights which aims to share and distribute some of the company’s analytical work on trade and investment of nearly 200 countries across various sectors.
  • Country Profile which provides access to trade data, and business indicators, coupled with development and country performance data.
  • Digital Dashboard which presents information on ICT-related laws within each country, providing a comprehensive overview of the legal framework supporting digital trade, and restrictions in digital services trade.
  • Risk Dashboard which offers access to risk related data pertaining to a country’s socio-economic trade, and environmental aspects.
  • UK Trade Agreements After Brexit Dashboard which provides a detailed overview of the UK’s agreement status following Brexit, including trade in goods and services post-Brexit and tariffs imposed by the UK on its partners and those partners that have imposed on the UK.

Neetish also serves as the Director of Analytics at the Africa Trade Foundation, a non-profit organisation. In addition, he is a member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors, a member of the Business Mauritius AI/Fintech working group and a founding member of the Association of Emerging Technologies Hub. He is engaged in the firm’s adoption of analytical and innovative tools and has founded an association of professionals working on adopting Emerging Technologies in Africa.

Neetish holds an MSc in Information and Communication Technologies, a B. Eng in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mauritius, and a certificate in data science from Harvard University.


  • Native in English and French.