Technical Assistance to identify Opportunities and promote Investment (including FDI) and Business Climate Reforms in Botswana’s ICT Sector Study (Africa RISE, BOT-011)

The Project at A Glance

In Botswana, Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) play a crucial role in driving productivity, innovation, and growth.

International Economics (IEC) conducted a sector study for Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) identifying potential for ICT export expansion as well as investment opportunities in the ICT sector in Botswana and informing the design of strategies and policies to spur growth in the ICT sector and IT-enabled services.

The project was implemented within the Africa RISE Facility led by Landell Mills International Ltd and funded by the European Commission.

What We Found

As part of its analysis, the sector study considered investment opportunities in labour-intensive segments of the ICT sector; and explored investment and employment opportunities for women and rural communities. The component of the policy and regulatory analysis of the ICT sector study assessed, among others, specific areas to be addressed to enable ease of participation of women in the ICT SME sub-sector.

Our Team found that Botswana’s exports of telecommunications and computer services, albeit small, suggest that there could be scope to exploit export-oriented investment opportunities in the ICT sector with the potential to expand ICT services further. In addition, the ICT sector is viewed as a critical enabler for the efficient delivery of products and services across all economic sectors, including government services. However, despite the high levels of infrastructure investment, there is little evidence of an expected incoming flow of the ICT-related FDI, or innovative local investors preparing to build out digital platforms and offer new creative services.

Our Strategy and Impact

International Economics’ aim was to assess Botswana’s sector in order to find investment opportunities that could promote the export of digital technologies and other ICT-enabled services. A sector analysis to determine the possibility of ICT export expansion and investment opportunities in Botswana’s ITC sector was presented as part of the overall study. The study also addressed the creation of policies and strategies to spur growth in the ICT sector and IT-enabled services.

The methodology was anchored on this overall objective designed to deliver a practical and comprehensive report borne out of extensive stakeholder engagement and consultations, as well as benchmarking and desk research, combined with an extensive literature review to support Botswana to exploit export-oriented investment opportunities in the ICT sector, and expand ICT goods and service exports.

Our Core Solutions

E-Commerce and digital trade are an increasingly important way for businesses to transact with customers, creating immense opportunities, facilitate innovation, enhance competitiveness, and improve access in local and global markets.
International Economics Consulting provides advice and solutions on some of the latest emerging trends in e-commerce and digital trade such as paperless trading, e-payments, online consumer protection and data protection. We assist governments and businesses worldwide in creating an enabling environment for e-commerce and digital trade, to maximise economic growth and development.

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