Akshay Bholee

Akshay works with the Analytics and Cognitive Computing team, designing and implementing data analytics solutions for International Economics’ clients worlwide.

Database Management, Data Science and Analytics.

About Akshay
Based in Mauritius, Akshay works in the Analytics and Cognitive Computing team, to deliver business solutions in the area of trade, using data analytics and various analytics tools. He is involved in creating data insights for clients in Mauritius and abroad, using primary and secondary data sources. He is highly skilled in data analytics modelling, design and development using Business Intelligence tools as well as an expert in database management.  He has designed dashboards for our COVID-19 platformUK trade and other Trade Insights applications in collaboration with Microsoft.  He has been involved in building trade models, such as trade simulation models.

Some of Akshay’s most recent work for clients include:

  • Developing tools to analysis the wider economic impact arising from trade remedies.
  • Building visualisation dashboards to give insights on post-Brexit UK Market access and trade performance.
  • Conducting various quantitative assessments on global value chains by building complex input-output multiregional models.
  • Analysing the impact of Covid-19 impact on African, South and East Asian businesses, through enterprises surveys.

Prior to joining International Economics, Akshay worked in the ICT industry for 5 years. He started his career with VESL Ltd and continued to gain extensive knowledge and experience working for large IT consultancy companies, such as Accenture and Agileum, developing data analytics solutions for clients around the world.

Akshay holds a BSc in Information and Communication Technologies from the University of Mauritius and is a Microsoft Certified Professional in Power BI and SQL Server.


  • Native in English and French.