David Jolicoeur

David works with the data analytics and cognitive computing team of the company to deliver solutions for clients on supply chain and export performance. 

Network Analysis, Database Management and Data Analytics

About David
David is a member of the company’s data analytics and cognitive computing team, where he contributes to consultancy projects and aids in the development of tools and dashboards for IEC’s Trade Insights platform. Proficient in data analytics, visualisation, and modelling, David also assists in researching and implementing new cognitive technologies to enhance risk analysis, identify supply chain opportunities, and explore export markets. He has designed and developed dashboards such as:

  • Trade Insights which aims to share and distribute some of the company’s analytical work on trade and investment with the general public.
  • Country Profile which helps to understand a country’s history, demography, and financial status, as well as its strengths and limitations in trade.
  • Digital Dashboard which presents information on ICT-related laws within each country, providing a comprehensive overview of the legal framework supporting digital trade, restrictions in digital services trade.
  • Risk Dashboard which offers a comprehensive overview, ranging from customs and logistics performance to political governance stability, and from environmental resilience to the latest fiscal policies.
  • UK Trade Agreements After Brexit Dashboard which provides a detailed overview of the UK’s agreement status following Brexit, including trade in goods and services post-Brexit and tariffs imposed by the UK on its partners and those partners that have imposed on the UK.

Some of David’s most recent work for clients include:

  • Developing tools to monitor trade in services and assist officials during trade agreement negotiations.
  • Developing regional annual trade reports.
  • Conducting market research to identify new opportunities.
  • Developing tools to analyse the wider economic impact arising from trade remedies.
  • Developing investment mapping report
  • Conducting various quantitative assessments on global value chains by building complex input-output multiregional models.
  • Conducting trade agreement analysis for cross-border regional investment
  • Revamping of trade performance dashboard on Trade Insights
  • Analysing sustainability provisions in FTAs

David is also a Data Analytics Fellow at the Africa Trade Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing regional and continental trade and investment in Africa.

Prior to joining International Economics, David worked at Orange Business Services in the Telecommunications field for nearly 3 years. He worked as an engineer, assisting field engineers in the deployment, and upgrading of the company’s network infrastructure. He then transitioned to configuring platforms for IP telephony for business clients.

David holds a Master’s degree in Business Information System Management from Middlesex University and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India.


  • Native in Creole.
  • Fluent in English and French.