POWER: Women in E-Commerce

International Economics Consulting Ltd. participated in an engaging discussion with Seychellois stakeholders on the status of e-commerce in the country, and the different policy initiatives that could be adopted to improve the country’s e-commerce environment.

Seychelles has high internet penetration, with nearly 75% of its population having access to the internet. However, the lack of domestic payment solutions, lack of home addressing, and weak digital skills and trust in the e-commerce environment hampers the ability of firms to further benefit from the opportunities that e-commerce can provide.

Paul Baker, CEO, and Pablo Quiles, Trade Advisory Manager, discussed the key elements necessary to build an enabling e-commerce environment in a Facebook Live series hosted by the U.S. Embassy to Mauritius and Seychelles and the Enterprise Seychelles Agency between September 29 and October 1, 2020 – the recording can be accessed here – and facilitated a discussion with ten key stakeholders to build recommendations on addressing the critical challenges for Seychelles to benefit from improved e-commerce.


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