Digital Dashboard

Digital trade is crucial for trade and competitiveness. The expansion of export markets and products as well as the reduction of trade costs, are two significant economic benefits associated with engaging in digital trade. Additionally, it has been shown that digital trade is a powerful instrument for inclusion. Recognizing the significance of digital trade, International

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Trade in Services

The UK Trade in Services Dashboard is an interactive tool that helps users understand and analyse the country’s trade in services with its various partners around the world. It features a world map that displays the status of the UK’s trade agreements with its partners, as well as various visualizations (such as maps, bars, and

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Tariff comparison

Tariff comparison This dashboard reveals the distance between the simple average preferential tariff and the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tariff for the tariffs applied for all partner countries by the UK, and by other countries on UK exports. The dashboard can be filtered by country, region, and products on the harmonised system HS2, HS4, and

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Trade flows

Trade Flow impact This dashboard gives insights of trade performance and trade flows, by the different types of trade agreements (New, Rollover, Pre-existing FTAs UK has lost). Users can monitor the share of trade as well as view the trend in imports and exports pre (2001 to 2019) and post-Brexit (2020), through the various visualisations,

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Trade Agreement Status

Trade Agreement Map The interactive world map provides a global overview of the UK’s trade agreements status since Brexit. The dashboard helps identify countries with which the UK has signed new agreements, rolled over pre-existing European Union agreements (Rollover), and lost pre-existing free trade agreements (FTAs). A drill-down filter feature on the map provides the

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Trade Logistics

This dashboard helps to analyse and compare trade logistics measures for over 200 countries. It also shows the top 5 highest and lowest bilateral trade cost partners. This dashboard also share enterprise survey import and export data.

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Economic Growth

Browse through the dashboard to access times series economic growth indicators per country on FDI restrictiveness, Portfolio & Direct Investment, Net Inflows, Economic Growth, Total Investment as a percentage of GDP, Current Account Balance as a percentage of GDP, Market Capitalisation, Inflation, Average Consumer Prices, Exchange Rates (local currency units relative to US $).

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Business Environment

This dashboard shows the measurement of doing business indicators score and distance from frontier for over 200 countries. You may also access year-by-year improvements on scores as well as private sector performance through Enterprise Surveys. You can also compare the business performance between two countries through our radar chart.

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