Michael Mudd

Michael is responsible for the company’s Digital Trade strategy.

Digital Trade, Cyber Security, Privacy, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and New Technology.

About Michael

Michael Mudd works with International Economics on Digital Trade matter, including on national and regional e-payments and cybersecurity policies. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Asia Policy Partners SP. He specializes in analysis and advisory, providing opinion and insight into policy for Digital FTAs, standards, privacy, security, data governance, e-commerce e- payments, digital transformation and new technology, such as artificial intelligence. . He has completed assignments for the World Bank, the EU Commission, The African Development Bank and APEC in Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

He is an appointed IT standards expert to (JTC-1, IT) of the ISO and an accredited trainer to the British Standards Institution. He is a member of the policy committee of the Hong Kong Computer Society and a member of the Government of Hong Kong’s Expert Group on Cloud Computing, working Group on Cloud Security and Privacy. He is an active participant in APEC regional dialogues and helped formulate the APEC Harmonisation of Standards for Data & Information Flows.

Building upon prior business experience with a major trade bank and a trader in physical raw materials, he was appointed as the Director of Public Policy for Asia-Pacific at the Computing Technology Industry Association, a US based non-profit business association for the software, hardware, telecoms and IT services industries with over 2,000 members in 102 countries. He worked on proposals on specific issues including privacy, security, data protection, intellectual property, standards, cross border information flows and open internet access, telecommunication policy (including value added services) technical neutrality in procurement and sustainability.


  • Native in English.