Export Development under Vietnam’s FTAs (English)

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Course Introduction

The training focuses on preferential market access and trade and sustainable development provisions under these agreements for Viet Nam, especially the cooperative sector, and how to take advantage of these preferences in developing an export strategy for cooperatives.

This training course was developed by International Economics Consulting Ltd with Viet Nam Cooperative Alliance (VCA) to train its member cooperatives and staff on the CPTPP and other new free trade agreements (FTAs).

This training is funded by Global Affairs Canada under the Expert Deployment Mechanism for Trade and Development (EDM) Project, jointly implemented by Cowater International and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada.


Paul Baker

Loan Le


  • Module 1: Overview
    Overview of Viet Nam FTAs and Opportunities for Cooperatives
    • Session 1: Overview of opportunities under Viet Nam’s new FTAs (watch video / slides)
    • Session 2: Market Access Requirements in new FTAs (watch video / slides)
    • Session 3: Trade and Sustainable Development: FTA provisions (watch video / slides)
    • Reading materials
      • Baker, P.; Le, L.; Vu, H. (2023). Vietnam’s New Free Trade Agreements. A Guide for Vietnamese Cooperatives Chapter. Expert Deployment Mechanism for Trade and Development. Glossary and Chapter 1. (English or Vietnamese)
      • Import and Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), Hanoi Industry and Trade Department (2020). Guidelines for the application of Rules of Origin in new generation free trade agreements
  • Module 2: FTA in Focus
    FTA in Focus – Exploring the CPTPP
    • Session 1: Tariff Preferences and Rules of Origin under the CPTPP (watch video / slides)
    • Session 2: Other Market Access provisions under the CPTPP (watch video / slides)
    • Session 3: Sustainable and inclusive development in the CPTPP (watch video / slides)
  • Module 3: Approach to Exporting
    Approach to Exporting and Assessing Export Potential
  • Module 4: Market Requirements
    Understanding Market Requirements and Getting to the Market
    • Session 1: Know the Market: Market Requirements Analysis (watch video / slides)
    • Session 2: Routes to Market (watch video / slides)
    • Session 3: Bringing it all together: Shaping a strategy (watch video / slides)
    • Readings
      • Baker, P.; Le, L.; Nguyen, T. (2023). Guide on Developing an Export Strategy for Vietnamese Cooperatives. Chapters 4 and 5. (English or Vietnamese)

Live session

In this live online session, Participants will have the opportunity to engage in comprehensive discussions regarding the module’s covered content. It provides a platform to address any queries that may arise during the different sessions of the training.

The schedule of the live session will be informed to the course participants closer to the date. Stay tuned!

Evaluation quiz

Following the completion review of the course videos and materials, participants wishing to receive a Certificate of Completion should do the following quiz. The quiz has 15 questions. Participants should achieve a score of 70% or more to receive a Certificate of Completion. There is no limit to the number of attempts for doing the quiz.

Participants have until April 15th to take the quiz and receive the certificates. After then, the course material will remain available for review, but certificates will no longer be issued.

Take the quiz!

Participants who already finished the quiz will receive the certificates within a week. If you passed the quiz and did not receive the certificate, please email at info@tradeeconomics.com


Finally, please reply to our final feedback survey, which will be very important for us to improve the future editions of this course.

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