ACP Group Advisory Support on WTO Negotiations

The Project at A Glance

The Trade and Investment Advocacy Fund (TAF2+) provides long-term support and on-demand technical assistance to build the capacity of the ACP developing countries participating in trade and investment negotiations, with a focus on priority issues including agriculture, special and differential treatment (S&D), fisheries subsidies, services and e-commerce, and WTO reform.
International Economics Consulting Ltd. (IEC) is working closely and collaboratively with the ACP Group Secretariat, the group coordinator and ACP Group member delegations at the WTO to provide technical, analytical, legal and logistics support in preparation for future negotiations. This includes technical studies and briefing notes on various WTO issues with regard to ACP countries and their social, economic and commercial development, as well as the development of a database/document distribution facility of current and previous negotiating proposals and position papers at the WTO, accessible to all ACP members. High-level training for the ACP delegations and technical training for the ACP Group coordinator on thematic areas of the group’s interest, as well as logistical support for the participation of ACP Geneva delegations at relevant meetings are also provided.

What We Found

The priority issues for work for MC12, and possibly beyond, as identified by the Group and included in the draft work programme are:

  • WTO reform discussions
  • Fisheries Subsidies negotiations
  • Agriculture negotiations
  • Special and Differential Treatment negotiations and development issues at the WTO
  • Services discussions and negotiations both in the Council for Trade in Services – Regular and Special Session and Working Party on Domestic Regulations discussions
  • E-commerce Decision/work programme;
  • Following other issue areas at the WTO impacting Members including new initiatives
  • Small Economies decision for MC12
  • Accession issues; and support of LDC and SVE proposals.

Our Strategy and Impact

The project will assist the ACP Group to harness its strength of numbers with a view to advancing its issue specific as well as strategic interests. Project objectives include:

  1. Providing technical, analytical and legal assistance to help the group make strong and original proposals within the WTO;
  2. Using a series of expert seminars for ACP delegations to upgrade their technical and negotiations skills; and
  3. Providing logistical support to prepare for the WTO 12th Ministerial Conference in June 2020 and forge consensus on the ACP Group positions.

Our Core Solutions

With the rapid proliferation of trade agreements worldwide, there are new market and investment opportunities for countries to explore. We prepare clients to navigate trade and investment negotiations and advocate for their best interests. We also provide customised advocacy solutions for sustainable growth. From determining our clients’ specific requirements and interests to designing an effective strategy, we represent and advocate for our clients in various trade-related matters and facilitate coordination between different organisations.

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