Baseline Study of the Stepping Stone Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA)

Maximising the Benefits of the iEPA for Ghana
Ghana’s iEPA with the European Union, a development trade agreement which secures free access to Europe for goods originating in Ghana, entered into force in December 2016. Implementation of such a trade agreement helps to sustain Ghana’s economic growth through trade, investment, and employment but puts significant strain on the capacities of many countries, especially in terms of mobilising the needed institutional capacities and pursuing the necessary institutional reforms for the successful implementation of the iEPA.
International Economics, in consortium with GOPA Worldwide Consultants, is assisting the Ministry of Trade and Industry in conducting a baseline study to monitor the performance of the iEPA. Baseline studies are an important part of the Monitoring and Evaluation process and involve the measurement of indicators before a project begins, from which change and progress are assessed.

Project Areas

International Business Strategy

E-Commerce and Digital Trade

Policy and Negotiations

Risk Management

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

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