Evaluative Report on Taxes on Digital Services

The Project at A Glance

The digital economy has grown faster than global GDP over the last years, fundamentally changing how businesses operate in foreign markets, including international tax codes, which have not kept pace with the rapid expansion but are rapidly changing now.

International Economics (IEC) is supporting the ARISE Plus Cambodia in evaluating the e-commerce and digital currency (cryptocurrency) tax revenue collection model in Cambodia.

What We Found

The current rules governing international tax matters were designed for businesses with a physical presence in the country and ever-increasing digitization of economies presents new tax challenges, as the tax base erodes when digital commerce opens new pathways for tax avoidance and evasion.

In this context, our team will carry out an assessment the e-commerce and digital currency (cryptocurrency) tax revenue collection model in Cambodia and will provide recommendations for the General Department of Taxation (GDT). This will serve as a foundation to update the GDT’s current “Tax Policy and Procedure on E-commerce” and develop a “Tax Policy and Procedure on Digital Currency (Cryptocurrencies)”.

Our Strategy and Impact

The project aims to take stock of the current policy and legislation in place related to taxation of digital services, e-commerce, and cryptocurrencies, by determining the effectiveness and efficiency of the measures. The project will also identify best practices for the development of a tax policy and procedure. It is highly relevant to Cambodia in light of the complexity of nature and different context (from traditional tax collection models) in which tax collection can take place.

Our Core Solutions

International Economics Consulting provides advice and solutions on some of the latest emerging trends in e-commerce and digital trade such as paperless trading, e-payments, online consumer protection and data protection. We assist governments and businesses worldwide in creating an enabling environment for e-commerce and digital trade, to maximise economic growth and development.

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