Expert input on Cross-regional exchange on trade and sustainable development in EPAs

The Project at A Glance

Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) denote a set of comprehensive trade agreements between the European Union (EU) and countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, formerly known as ACP states. These agreements aim to extend beyond the scope of traditional trade agreements, and to create partnerships that implement trade in an effort towards sustainable development and regional integration.

International Economics participated in a cross-regional exchange and delivered a workshop on the Trade and Sustainability provisions in the EPAs in order to foster a better understanding of EPA TSD provisions, their impacts and implications for national legislation for the ESA EPA, SADC EPA and CARIFORUM EPA countries.

Trade and Sustainable Development provisions in trade agreements are aimed at ensuring that trade and investment promote sustainable development by balancing trade openness with social and environmental objectives. Knowledge and understanding of the key components of the TSD provisions vary among the stakeholders who are responsible for the implementation of EPAs in the three EPA regions. In view of this, our Team will participate in a series of exchanges with two parts for public sector officials and civil society from the three EPA regions on Trade and Sustainable Development in the context of EPAs.

Our Strategy and Impact

Dedicated chapters on Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) have become a prominent feature in EU’s bilateral FTAs during the last decade. Our Team will participate in regional exchanges, in order to deliver it’s inputs on the Trade and Sustainability provisions in the EPAs including aspects such as current EU developments with regards to TSD provisions in EU FTAs and EPAs and the current status of TSD provisions in EPAs and EU FTAs; the implementation, functioning and monitoring of TSD provisions in EPAs; or the effects of TSD provisions with regards to trading partners’ legislative reforms, economic development, regulatory changes, and necessary capacity development.

Our Core Solutions

At International Economics Consulting, we build tailor-made strategies for both import and export-oriented business solutions. We carry out sensitivity analysis, and prepare detailed resource scheduling and standard performance dashboards to track the implementation process and financial ratio performance of your products and services. We also work on corporate leadership and change management strategy, where necessary. Finally, we develop the analytics and risk matrices and use our cognitive computing insights to update these in real-time.

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