Impact Assessment of Angola’s Accession to the SADC-EU EPA

The Project at A Glance

In 2021, Angola decided to negotiate its accession to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU). The country originally refused to join the EPA due to outstanding contentious issues, including “substantially all trade”, the “most favored-nation clause”, “development cooperation”, “bilateral safeguards” and “rules of origin”. Whilst the iEPA was not priority for the country given its LDC status and having duty-free quota free market access to the European market through the Everything-But-Arms (EBA) scheme, Angola is expected to graduate from LDC in February 2024, which will represent the loss of unilateral preferential market access.
International Economics, with UNCTAD funding, prepared an analytical study on the possible effect of Angola’s accession to the SADC-EU EPA.

What We Found

The aim of this project was to analyse updated and disaggregated economic and trade data at a policy-relevant level, and conduct in-depth analysis on the likely effect of Angola’ accession to SADC-EU EPA at the product and sectoral levels as well as economy-wide levels.

Our Strategy and Impact

In particular, the team used both quantitative and qualitative tools to undertake the impact assessment which included analysis of Angola’s trade and economy in relation to EU, SADC and AfCFTA, expected trade policy changes under the SADC-EU EPA, impact of the EPA on GDP, welfare, trade and wages, product-specific assessment and policy recommendations on tariff elimination approaches, accompanying measures and broader negotiation objectives.

Our Core Solutions

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