Investment facilitation in BPO, Data Centre, Cloud Computing and other ICT sectors in Botswana

The Project at A Glance

Digitization is now one of the priority areas for many countries and over the past few decades, Botswana has laid the ICT foundations for executing its enduring transformational vision with the aim to make Botswana a globally competitive sub-Saharan ICT hub.

International Economics (IEC) is assisting the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) in the implementation of the second phase of the project aiming at promoting investment opportunities and attracting investment (including FDI) and business climate reforms in Botswana’s ICT sector.

What We Found

Botswana has long recognized that ICTs can play a critical role in the achievement of its Vision 2036 and the country has made extensive investments in ICT infrastructure to build its national backbone, coupled with market liberalisation measures and initiatives to set up ICT service centres throughout the country. This has led to significant progress in promoting universal access to ICTs and the embrace of these technologies.

In this context, our Team is supporting the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) and preparing investment proposals, which will be then promoted to potential investors. The proposals will also include a roadmap on the way forward for discussion with BITC and partners, such as the EUD.

Our Strategy and Impact

The first phase of the project, which was completed in September 2023 and it involved conducting a global assessment of ICT trends to uncover emerging opportunities within various sub-sectors. This second phase is expected to build onto the recommendations mapped in Phase 1 and will focus on developing investable propositions from existing ITC businesses for investors; work with BITC to support with identifying investors and initiate matchmaking between both parties.

The Team will prepare investment propositions of Botswanan investment grade businesses aimed at attracting substantial investments in Botswana’s priority ICT sectors, specifically Business Process Outsourcing, Data Centres, and Cloud Computing.

Our Core Solutions

International Economics Consulting provides advice and solutions on some of the latest emerging trends in e-commerce and digital trade such as paperless trading, e-payments, online consumer protection and data protection. We assist governments and businesses worldwide in creating an enabling environment for e-commerce and digital trade, to maximise economic growth and development.

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