Negotiations of Trade in Services and Non-Tariff Measures

The Project at A Glance

Indonesia is currently in the process of negotiating a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the European Union. The aim of the agreement is to enhance market access and increase trade and investment between the two parties.

International Economics Consulting Ltd. (IEC), through the ARISE Plus-Indonesia programme, is providing capacity building and technical advice to Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade to strengthen the capacity of MoT’s officers in two areas that are key to the ongoing Indonesia-EU CEPA negotiations, namely Trade in Services and Non-Tariff Measures.

Our Strategy and Impact

The project will be executed over two years. In the first year, three activities will be undertaken. These include: Training in the analysis of trade in services: The main purpose of this activity is to build capacity amongst Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade officials to conduct trade in services analysis in view of future trade in services negotiations and implementation of commitments. Trade officials received training on how to conduct quality desk research and how to access and analyse information and data on international trade in services. Analysis of six services sectors: In this case, the objective of the activity is to engage new staff within Indonesia’s Ministries in identifying the constraints and opportunities that define Indonesia’s services sector. This will allow a better understanding of how these sectors can contribute to export growth and performance. Training to develop impact analysis on NTMs and institutional framework: With regard to this activity, IEC will assist the officers at the Ministry of Trade in developing a methodology for reporting and monitoring on NTMs in accordance with best international practices. Moreover, training will equally be provided on measuring the impacts of NTMs on trade. In the second year, the activities completed in the first year will be further elaborated. For instance, a Handbook on Integrating Trade in Services Data will be drafted. Moreover, with regard to the training provided with regard to trade in services, a National Services Strategy will be developed, including the design of an institutional framework for implementation. Finally, regarding the NTMs, further skills will be taught on modelling their impacts on trade.

Our Core Solutions

With the rapid proliferation of trade agreements worldwide, there are new market and investment opportunities for countries to explore. At International Economics Consulting, based on our extensive experience in international trade, we assist our clients by providing a detailed analysis of the key impacts of new trade agreements on their operations and competitiveness through an assessment of tariff, and non-tariff barriers, provisions on rules of origin, customs efficiency, the effectiveness of transport networks, and sustainability provisions, among others. We can help assess the opportunities in different markets, determine the feasibility and viability of projects, and benchmark the wider ecosystem to support business growth. We also support clients in navigating the policy landscape regarding international trade by establishing robust monitoring and evaluation framework through sophisticated real-time dashboards and reporting systems to ensure the best outcomes.

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