Support the Data Report on the EU Investment Mapping to Rwanda

The Project at A Glance

Foreign investment is necessary to any country to diversify the economy, improve its integration into international value chains, transfer technology and finance certain infrastructure projects.

International Economics (IEC) is providing INTPA E2 and the EU Delegation with a data analysis, to identify key data on EU current and potential trade and investment in Rwanda, as well as its barriers in order to encourage investments by EU companies.

What We Found

Rwanda’s performance in trade and investment in Africa has been impressive. The EU is a major foreign direct investor in Rwanda. EU’s investments have stimulated economic growth in Rwanda creating employment opportunities and contributing to the country’s long-term sustainable development.

DG INTPA and EU Delegations are implementing the Global Gateway strategy where fostering European investments is a key component. To base the decisions and programmes on data, our Team is conducting a data analysis to help to identify the current and potential trade an investment of each European Member states to Rwanda.

Our Strategy and Impact

Rwanda is driven by a young and dynamic population which aims to become a middle-income country by 2035, is persistently recognised as an attractive investment destination in Africa. The European Union, recognising the country’s potential for economic growth and development, has been actively supporting investment initiatives in Rwanda through various programs and partnerships in recent years.

Our Team is collecting latest data from international reliable sources such as Eurostat, WTO, IMF, UNCTAD, ITC or similar institutions on: EU business presence, MS-country current & potential trade by product / service & quantity, list of the Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs), analysis on the potential to increase trade; MS-country current & potential investment by product / service & quantity, analysis on the potential to increase investment. The data analysis will be summarised in a factsheet with visual graphs and paragraphs with key messages aiming to help and guide EU potential investors.

Our Core Solutions

As businesses seek to expand operations into new markets, the need to explore global supply chains and understand the international regulatory framework becomes crucial. At International Economics Consulting, we build tailor-made strategies for both import and export-oriented business solutions.

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