Targeted Support to the Regional Multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence (RMCE) for the Implementation of the Key Trade Components of its APEI Programmes

The Project at A Glance

The Regional Multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence (RMCE) is dedicated to building capacity of African nations towards effective economic integration for an inclusive and continent-wide socio-economic development.
International Economics extended support to the APEI countries by formulating a Business Facilitation Framework and by organising Intra-APEI capacity-building and peer-to-peer exchanges for setting up a Business Facilitation Framework in APEI Member States.

What We Found

Five reform-oriented countries namely Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles and Zambia agreed to accelerate their economic integration process by harnessing foreign investment, creating enhanced employment opportunities and fostering higher economic growth through the sharpening of their competitive edge. In this regard, they decided to launch the Accelerated Program for Economic Integration (APEI) in line with the spirit of rapid economic and trade integration based on the principles of variable geometry and variable speed.
The overall objective of this project was to boost the capacity of the APEI countries to enhance and sustain their regional economic and trade integration and the competitiveness gained thus far. The aim was to support the three key trade components of its APEI Programmes, this is facilitation of the free movement of business persons and professionals among the APEI countries, cooperation in trade in services and improvement of the business climate for increased investment and trade among APEI Member States.

Our Strategy and Impact

The APEI Centre’s capacity building programmes focus on helping to improve the strategies for implementing policies on regional economic integration (REI) among the five member-states. International Economics, through our CEO, contributed to the following key outputs:

  • Development of a Framework for the implementation of the APEI Travel Card for Professionals and Business Persons;
  • Designed a draft Framework for the monitoring of the implementation of a future MRA on architectural services and provided Compendium of Regulations on architectural services;
  • Designed a Business Facilitation Framework (BFF) for APEI Member States

The APEI Business Facilitation Framework was proposed as a structure to provide a basis upon which the APEI Member States can develop their own economic reform agendas, as well as further engage and foster greater business facilitation domestically and regionally. The BFF would operate as a cooperative, regional economic and trade forum for its current members with an opening window for additional membership when appropriate.

Our Core Solutions

As businesses seek to expand operations into new markets, the need to explore global supply chains and understand the international regulatory framework becomes crucial. At International Economics Consulting, we build tailor-made strategies for both import and export-oriented business solutions.

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